Aaron Behar

December 22, 2016

I knew I had to lose weight before my wedding. I set out to find a personal trainer and gym that would motivate and push me, not appease me. My research led me to Billy and BB3. Setting out my goal to lose 50 pounds in 7 months, Billy and Gavin developed a customized plan that included diet, personal training and independent exercise. I quickly realized that what started as a short term goal with likely little potential of continuing past my wedding date morphed into something I never anticipated — a new way of living life.

Billy’s attentiveness and Gavin’s patience, motivation and skill encouraged me to look past each pound or challenging workout. Instead, their comprehensive approach to living healthy soon began to resonate with every decision I made during my day. Gavin made my meals more strategic, designed workouts I could do while traveling, answered all my nutrition questions at any time of the day and was available whenever I needed support. Thanks to Gavin, I was not only able to lose 50 pounds by my wedding date, but I have begun to live life past my comfort zone. Since first joining BB3, I have participated in Billy’s very intense Fight Club / boxing, yoga, running, spinning and obstacle course challenges. The most important lesson learned is simple — never ever give up.
Perhaps the best part of joining BB3 is that while Billy and Gavin started out as trainers, they soon became good friends. That friendship, trust and ever present support drives me to be a better me. Thank you guys for changing my life.

Aaron Behar, Esq.