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Are you doing just enough or going past the finish line?

I recently went out for a run. Just me and my thoughts. No headphones or any music to listen to.

Now running isn’t my favorite thing to do but I understand the benefits of cardiovascular training.

It was only a 20 minute jog and coming up to the end my thoughts went to something I have struggled with in the past.

I felt myself slowing down as I was getting closer to the end of my jog. It made me realize a common fault I have made many times when getting close to the end with many things I do.

As my thoughts drifted and I became present with what I was doing on my jog, so I picked up the pace. I started thinking of my good friend Bill Beck when he ran 50 miles for a charitable event. He was in pain with his knees, but what he did at the end was magnificent.

Even with all the pain he was in, he ran an extra mile.

Now that for me is going the extra mile.

Getting to the finish isn’t always enough. Its going that extra mile and following through with what you started.

As you get closer to the finish line it doesn’t mean slowing down, it means finishing strong. Finishing with a sprint to the line like athletes do after they have run a marathon, or a cycling event.

The finish line is not necessarily the end of the race. The box maybe ticked to say you have completed your desired outcome, but you still have to keep going with whatever is next.

Why should you go the extra mile?

1. It builds character.

When you go the extra mile, you develop a reputation to do more and be more. You instill in yourself to continuously do your best at all times no matter what. You become a better person by simply going the extra mile.

2.It’s the best thing to do.

Doing just enough or simply crossing the finish line is being average, being mediocre. You have to challenge yourself to be you best at all times. To go above and beyond what is expected of you. To follow through and continuously grow as an individual. By going the extra mile you you go into the unknown, down the road less travelled, and it is in the unknown that we learn, develop and grow.

3.It creates greater opportunities.

The road less travelled creates further opportunities that you may not have known existed. You never know what lies around the corner and it is the reason you should always go the extra mile.

Keep unleashing your true potential and giving your ultimate best long after you have completed your race.

What can you do today to go the extra mile?


At some point in your life you wanted to change something. To lose some weight. To put some muscle on. To train for a 5K, 10K, half marathon or the very popular obstacle course races like Spartan, Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash to name a few.www-fineartamerica-com

With each of these, a decision has to be made. A very precise decision to take action and train for the relevant goal that you are after.

However, saying ‘I want to lose weight’ or ‘I want to do an obstacle race’ is not a very strong commitment to achieve your desired outcome. Yes it is a good start to the process but it will stop there if you don’t take the next step.

The next step is to take action and burn the bridges that will stop you from going back.

You got to make it impossible to go back to your old habits. Create an uncomfortable scenario for if you fail.

So if you want to lose some of those extra pounds, burn the bridges by getting rid of all the junk in your kitchen. Get rid of all the sugary drinks you may have stored away.

I am trying!!!

I know you have said that before in some area of you life. I myself have said that on many occasions. But what does I am trying mean?


It is neither here or there. There is nothing to it really. There is no commitment to anything when you say try. I am trying to lose weight, I am trying to get back to working out, I am trying to eat right….

Here is the thing….

You are either going to lose weight, start working out and eating right or you are simply NOT going to do so. There is no in the middle of trying.

By saying you are trying, you then have the excuse of ‘you tried,’ if things didn’t workout. That’s what we call being a lamb and not being a lion. A lion doesn’t try to go after his prey, he attacks it with everything he has. He stalks his prey. He sets it up so he is in the best position to conquer his prey. There is no half hearted effort with a lion. It is ALL in.

Start Doing

Are you trying to lose weight – or going to commit to losing weight?

Are you trying to eat right – or going to eat right?

Are you going to try and workout – or commit to joining a training facility to workout?

What to do next?

  1. Eliminate the word try from your vocabulary. There is no substance to the word try. It is not the most inspiring word in the dictionary and it does not empower you or motivate you to be a lion and attack life.
  2. Make a decision. You are either going to ‘do it’ or you are ‘not going to do it.’ Be honest with yourself and it will save you a lot of heart ache down the line. Stop pretending and START DOING!
  3. Make a commitment. There is nothing more rewarding than committing to something and seeing it to the end. The person you become at the of the commitment is where the reward lies.

This can be applied to any area of your life that you want to improve on. Make that commitment today, to doing what you need to do, to unleash your true potential to be your ultimate best.

Live with Purpose, Passion & Courage!


This seriously is what I want for you….

I could blog about the 10 best exercises to get the best bang for you buck, or 7 foods you should be eating, or the best exercises to get a six-pack.

To be honest, it’s all out there already. Somebody out there has written about and some day I probably will write something about those topics.

But here is what I really want for you….

I want you to get up and get moving. I want you to take responsibility for your life. I want you to take control of your actions. One thing I am not going to say is it’s going to be an easy road to get in the best shape of your life. It is going to take what I call 3 D’s and an A.

It is going to take DEDICATION!

It is going to take DETERMINATION!

It is going to take DRIVE!

Lastly you are going to have to take ACTION!

So make that first step and decide right NOW that you are going to make the change in your life that you have been thinking of doing for however long. Make that commitment to do something right NOW to be one step closer to being the BEST version of yourself. Get up now, stop reading and go do something.

Write down your goals.

Do 10 push ups.

Go for a 10 minute run.

Do a plank for 30 seconds.

Tell someone your goals.

Just do something NOW!

I want you to take action every day in the direction that you want to go in. I want you to think about everything that you are going to eat and ask yourself ‘is this going to gt me closer to where I want to be or not?’ If it is not, then make a better choice.

The next time you train push yourself, challenge yourself to be your BEST. See how far you can push yourself. Yes it is going to be uncomfortable. Yes you are going to be out of breath and gasping for air. But guess what, this is what it is going to take to get you to that next level. This is what it is going to take to achieve your desired outcome.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

And yes somebody who you know is going to burst your bubble and it is going to be someone very close to you. Guess what? That person is just jealous of the positive changes you are making in your life and wants to the the same.

This is what you do with this person. You HELP them achieve what you are achieving. This is going to challenge you in a different way and you will have more accountability with what you are aiming to achieve. How great would that be if you helped someone else achieve something in their life that they may be struggling with.

It would be freaking AWESOME!

I want you to STOP thinking about what other people would think when you rock up to work with all your healthy food packed up and well prepared.

I want you to STOP thinking about what other people would say when you tell them that you have stopped drinking because you are now living a healthier lifestyle. This is your life and you do NOT have to do what everyone else may be doing. It is very liberating to say NO by the way. Try it!

I want you to STOP thinking what other people are going to say when you say no to going out because you have to go to the gym. This is you life so own it!

I want you to be happy with yourself.

I want you to challenge yourself to unleash your true potential.

I want you to look sexy and be so confident that you feel on top of the world each and every day.

I want you to be outstanding with whatever you do.

I want you to ROCK your FREAKING world.

I want you to be your best.

I want when people see you that they are inspired by you to get started on their own fitness journey.

I want you to be brave to take the necessary steps that will change you life for the better. To do the things that deep down inside of you that you know you should be doing.

The only limit you have are the limits within you.

Rise above and ALWAYS be your best at whatever you do.

Rise above and ALWAYS be outstanding.

Rise above and ALWAYS raise your standards to another level.

Rise up and ALWAYS live life to your true potential.

It is your time to shine, so get up, get moving and take action TODAY.

Join the gym, find a trainer, go do Zumba, jog around the block….just do something NOW.

I want to help you so if you need advice on how to get started or how to take things to another level or have any questions, then email me:



So my sister sent me a message recently and said why I don’t write a blog about ‘get off your arse and do the exercise you know you need to do.’

How many of you can resonate with that statement. I know I certainly can, as one point in my life, I was like that. I knew I needed to get my butt up to do my workout but would procrastinate and just sit there or find something else to do.

Here is the thing with this statement. It says to ‘do the exercises you know you need to do.’

So it is not a matter of not knowing what to do, it is more to do with laziness. Apologizes if this has offended you in any way but let’s say it as it is, LAZINESS is holding you back, not, not knowing what to do.

We all have some idea of what to do when it comes to eating. We all know that fast food is not healthy. We all know that we need to exercise to stay healthy. We all know that we should be drinking water. We all know that the can of soda is not good for us. We all know that we are the ones holding ourselves back but are in denial.

I will say that again:


Yes including me…..

Let me be straight up here, you are not where you want to be with your fitness goals because of yourself. Nobody else but YOU!

No time to workout… EXCUSE.

Have to work late… EXCUSE.

It is hard….an EXCUSE.

I tried it before and it didn’t work….an EXCUSE.

My dog died….an EXCUSE.

All excuses. Every one of them.

Stop being in denial and take a hard honest look at yourself. Look within yourself and make an honest assessment of yourself.

It is time to own it and take control of your health and fitness

It is time to take action towards moving from where you are at your present state, and moving towards your desired state of ULTIMATE health and fitness.

It is time stop with the excuses and be that person you dream of being.

It is time to make that commitment to a fitter, healthier you.

You are capable of more than you think you can do. All that you need is within you. You just need to believe in yourself and take little steps every day to achieve your desired outcome.

Yes it will take hard work.

Yes it will take commitment.

Yes you will have to get down and dirty and sweat for it.

Yes is it not going to be easy.

Yes you will have to make some sacrifices.

Guess what?

Once you achieve your desired outcome, who is going to feel on top of the world.

Whose confidence is going to be sky high?

Who is going to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Who is going to feel better?

Who is going to look and feel sexy?

Who is going to walk around with much more confidence because of what they have achieved?

Yes YOU are…..

So my little sister and many other people out there, get comfortable being uncomfortable, because life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Get up off your arse and get moving with your bad ass self.

Live with Courage.

I recently had the privilege of spending some time at a presentation with one of Anthony Robbins lead coaches Dragon Trajkovski. This guy was amazing and he filled BB3 Personal Training and Performance Center with all his energy. It was unbelievable how he had everyone’s attention and fired up. I was excited myself and following his every command.

That night on my way home, I started think about how all this related to me, my life, the people around me, my clients and some of the B.S. that keeps me from achieving my ultimate potential.

I know I have set myself a number of health and fitness goals for 2014, and I am pretty sure a high percentage of you have also done the same and a lot of negative B.S. can hinder me to getting to my desired end results.

B.S. comes in a lot of forms and in different ways for each and every one of us, and also affects us differently.

Have you ever sat down and thought about the B.S. in your life at any point?

So lets answer some questions right now….

What is the B.S. that is holding you back right now from achieving your ultimate fitness goal?

Here are some of mine that I wrote down on the night:


Myself. Yes me!


Not clearly knowing what I want.

Limiting self beliefs.

That is some of the B.S. in my life.

What is some B.S. in your life?

I don’t have time.

Fear of results. Fear of success. Fear of no results.


No support.

Not sure what to do.

Don’t know what to eat or cook.

Information overload.

What other people will think of you.

Standing out in the crowd.

I can’t.

That’s some of the B.S. going on in people’s lives at some point in time. And, I am sure you can possibly add more to that list.

Here is the thing with all that B.S, its a load of negative B.S. that is keeping you from achieving your ultimate fitness and many other things in life.

It’s all a bunch of EXCUSES!!!!

It’s all programmed in to you.

It’s not who you are.

We are all capable of so much more, but we let negative B.S. keep us down. Why do we do this to ourselves? If you are asking where did this B.S come from, that is a damn good question.

Stop for a while, and ask thought provoking questions to yourself that will make you think about things.

This type of negative B.S. is not going to get you far, and to be honest, you need to change it quickly as it can be a vicious cycle.

If you are asking yourself how do I change this negative B.S, that is truly a great question.

Here is what I would like you to do before we go any further…….

Please go along with this.

I would like you to go back to the top and re-read everything.

Where you saw the letters B.S, (I hope you didn’t think it meant BULL SHIT!), replace it with BELIEF SYSTEMS.



Now that you are back….

Do you now see that it is your negative belief systems that is holding you back?

What you focus on is what you get. If you keep saying ‘I can’t….” then you will not. If you keep focusing on ‘this is hard’ then guess what, it will be hard. If you keep saying ‘I am getting fat’ then guess what, you will keep getting fat.

These negative belief systems are not who you are, and I am pretty sure what you are not striving for, but trying to move away from.

It is a negative belief system that can be changed.

Changed to one in which you focus on what you want.

I am at my peak fitness everyday.

I am fueling my body with the most nutritious foods.

I am strong and can conquer all my challenges.

All that I need I already have in my life now.

These are the things you want to focus on. These are the things you want to say and BELIEVE!

On the night of the presentation when Dragon said write this down in a very in a very demanding and influential voice of utmost importance, I immediately started writing what he said which was:

BELIEF: a feeling of certainty of what something means to you.

Change your beliefs and you will change your thoughts; change your thoughts and you would change your actions; change your actions and you would change your results.

I hope this blog has made you think about things a little more in terms of your belief system, and that it challenges you, as life really gets exciting at the end of your comfort zone.


Live with Courage

You made that big decision to get going to get rid of those unwanted pounds and work towards your ultimate body. Things were great and you were consistent. In your first 4 weeks the weight was dropping off and you were on an all time high. Things were going according to plan.

Then BOOM!
Something happened. You didn’t lose any weight this month. Work started to take over. The kids start to take priority. Your partner isn’t supporting you anymore. You can’t seem to find the time you had before.  The dog is not well. Social life is on over drive.
Then before you know it the weight starts to pile back on. You go in to a slump and start thinking ‘I can’t do this,’ ‘what was I thinking,’ ‘ this is not for me,’ ‘I guess I am meant to be this way.’
Let’s face it these things happen in life and we have to deal with them when they turn up. It’s not the end of the world when these things happen and you are certainly not the only one it has happened to.
So what happened?
The negative slump.
A- the missed event. What started this? You didn’t lose any weight this month. You actually put some on. This is the event that started the slump.
B – this is when you start telling yourself you are a failure. All my hard work has gone down the drain….I knew this would happen…what am going to do now?
C – the lousy stage where you feel like crap and down and out. 
This is certainly not a nice place to be.
What needs to be done is take that unpleasant event ‘A,’ and rationally think how to handle it – ‘B,’ so that you end up feeling on a high again ‘C’ when things don’t go according to plan.
Positive reinforcement.
A – ok so you didn’t lose any weight this month. Is this the end of the world? Of course it’s not! You can influence your reaction in two ways by criticizing yourself for not losing weight (I shouldn’t have eaten that….I’m a failure) and make yourself feel like crap or you can reinforce yourself by accepting it has happened and telling yourself this month I’m going to work harder and give up on all sweets including fizzy drinks and make yourself feel better.
B – your choice in ‘A’ is now going to have an influence on ‘B’ as you are no longer thinking it can’t be done as your thoughts have changed from can’t to can. You now have something to focus towards by working to achieve your desired state of ULTIMATE health an fitness. So no more need for those negative thoughts.
C – feeling like crap. Of course you are not going to feel like crap anymore as you have just made a choice to be positive and to work harder and eat less crap. The choice is yours. How much do you want to achieve that ULTIMATE desire you are after?
So when the going gets tough, use this simple ABC approach to keep you moving in the direction you want to be going.
You always start off with an event A, which is a miss of some sort. Accept it and be positive and find a solution to move forward.  Depending how you handle the next stage B, which is encouragement or criticism,  you will end up with a widely different outcomes for C, which is confidence and optimism or discouragement or depression.
So the choice is yours. Choose wisely.
I know which I would choose.
Live with Courage!