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Over the 15 plus years I have been in the fitness industry world, I have tried many different aspects of training and nutrition protocols, to see what works best for myself and clients I have worked alongside. champs_image

Some things worked better than others, and some got better results than others. In other words…what worked for one person didn’t necessarily work for the other and vice versa.

I used myself as a science project over the years as well. I found that with some of the things I tested out, I never really felt 100%, and that some aspect was missing.

I would push myself to the limits, feel depleted after workouts, and thought at the time I was ‘killin’ my training.

I tried high carb, low carb, no carb eating….never felt 100%.

I did vegan for 6 months and didn’t feel great.

I tried HIIT workouts which got me results, but drained me at times.

I tried 6, 8, 9 and 12 week programs that mainly focused on building muscle. Got some results but couldn’t sustain it for longer than the time period.

I played with around my nutrition on each of these training protocols, but never felt like I could sustain it long term or for a lifetime.

And I tried many other things….

As I got older and I must say a little more mature, I started listening to my body a little and really taking notice of what others were doing that I respected in the industry.

I also open my mind to other modalities of training, not just the lifting of heavy stuff.

I was missing out on a huge part of my training which was the recovery side of things. I found more balance in my training.

As the years went on, I added another component to my training which was yoga.

It was like a whole new world for me and finally I was enjoying training in a whole new way. I was starting to feel more energized and recovering better. I was even lifting less often but with a more focused attention to detail.

With my new found knowledge I started to put together the pieces from my own experiences and learning from others. This is when I came up with a 360 degree approach to health, wellness and vitality.

The GD360 Approach has a balanced methodology that focuses on 6 components on wheel:

  1. MINDSET: It all starts here with the mind, as what you focus on you achieve. You have to know what you want, why you want it, and a massive plan of action to go after it. You have to have clarity with you goal to achieve it and take massive action on a daily basis to achieve the desired outcome.
  2. NUTRITION: Nutrition plays a massive part in every aspect of your life as what you eat has an effect on how you function on a daily basis. Consuming healthy, wholesome, nutritious food, will provide you with the fuel your body needs for your daily actions.
  3. RESISTANCE TRAINING: You have to challenge the body in some way for it to grow, by using various training tools or your own body weight. Resistance training builds strength, power and muscular endurance depending on your goals, for you to feel strong and powerful, reduce the risk of injuries and improve health.
  4. CARDIOVASCULAR CONDITIONING: this is a very important component to improve cardiovascular fitness, using various heart rate intensities, depending on the goal.
  5. RECOVERY: This comes in may different forms, from stretching, foam rolling, trigger point therapy, to ice baths, steam rooms, sauna, jacuzzi, to massages, sleep, nutrition, lower intensity workouts for some.
  6. RE-ENERGIZE/REVITALIZE: Here is where we do things we enjoy, like dancing, surfing, paddle boarding, or any fun thing that you enjoy doing. In this approach you can also do things like various types of yoga, tai chi, breathing exercises, meditation, use of essential oils, pretty much anything to de-stress the body.

As you can see, this is a well rounded approach to your Health, Wellness and Vitality. With this approach, I have been able to find balance in my week with my health and fitness, but more importantly sustain it and enjoy it as I get older.

How can you apply the GD360 Approach to your daily routines, to become 1% better?



Have you ever said this to yourself?sport-diet-chrome-dumbbells-surrounded-healthy-fruits-vegetables-white-background-55629974

I don’t have time for myself….

I don’t have time for the gym…

I don’t have time to eat right or prepare healthy meals….

I am too busy to….

I have heard them all and more, and I am sure you have heard some yourself!

Here is the thing…

We all have the same amount of time in the day. I get that you have other things going on in your life and so do many other people out there and myself included.

Getting in shape and living a healthier lifestyle does take time and does not happen by accident.

You have to carve out that time. You have to make some time in your day.

Unfortunately nobody is going to give you some extra time. YOU got to make it!

Start where you are with your health, nutrition and fitness.

Have a plan to simply improve by 1% each day. That is going to be different for each person and only you know what that 1% is for you.

For your nutrition t could be as simple of drinking a glass of water each day, or drinking one less can of soda a day, or eating one piece of fruit or vegetable a day.

For your fitness it could be going for a walk once a twice a week, or doing some push ups each morning, or joining the gym or finding a workout partner.

These are all simple things you can start with.

If you simply aim to make each day better than the previous day, you are heading in the right direction.

How do you do all this?

  1. Decide how much time you can commit to improving 1%. You know what your days and weeks are like and how much time you can allocate to looking, feeling and performing at your best.
  2. Once you have decided when you can commit and what you are going to do, schedule it into your calendar and set a reminder on your phone. This will prompt you to keep your appointment with yourself.
  3. Focus on small chunks, like 2 weeks at a time. Once you master scheduling time for your health, fitness and nutrition, increase it to 3 weeks and then for a full month.
  4. Stick to doing the little things on a daily basis and the big things will fall into place.

Book some time for yourself on a daily basis for your health and fitness. You will thank yourself later on for doing that.

Make this work for yourself.

Be realistic: start where you are and work towards where you want to get to.

Know what works best for you: if you are not a morning person avoid scheduling things in the morning. Find options that are going to suit your schedule.

Block out you time: let people see that you have blocked out time for yourself
and respect that time for yourself as well.

Expect the unexpected: plan for when things are going to come up. If you need a babysitter, make sure it is planned. Do you need to move things around to make it work? If so, then do that. Make sure and have it all planned for your success.

It’s going to be challenging at the beginning, but it will be worth it in the end.

You will have to step out of your comfort zone, so get get accustomed to being uncomfortable, as that is way the magic happens.

Take one day at a time, and get back up, dust yourself off, and get going again.