Have you got the emotional attachment to your goal?

March 4, 2014 — Leave a comment

Have you got the emotional attachment to your goal?

Yesterday I witnessed something that I have never seen before with any of my clients. It was such a great feeling to see and it made me feel very humbled.

I started working with her back in October 2013. I remember the first day she came in very clearly. I did my usual meet and greet with her and started her consultation. At the end of the consultation is a section to go through her goals of which I really dig deep to find out what is that person’s emotional attachment to their goal.

Loads of people find this very difficult to answer and very uncomfortable at times.

So I asked her what was her goal?

I got the usual I want to lose weight and tone up.

So I asked what does that mean to you losing weight and toning up?

I got a little bit more in depth answer which was great.

Now here is where it got really deep.

I asked her why she wanted to achieve the desired goal and she told me why. After that I kept asking why till I got to that REAL EMOTIONAL attachment to the goal.

At that moment I did not believe it was the last ‘why’ question to be asked and believed there was more. She started to feel very uncomfortable with this strange guy, who she has never met before asking her questions to really dig deep to find that emotional attachment to her goal. She started to feel really uneasy and I could see that so I stopped where we were and then advised her to keep asking why when she went home to find that true emotional attachment.

Her emotional attachment to the goal at the time was for a lifestyle change, to achieve something for herself and as she was in the Health & Wellness Industry, to practice what she preached and most importantly to do something for herself.

Her specific goals were:

Body Fat 18%

Fat Mass 25.2 lbs.

Lean Mass 114.8 lbs.

Weight 140 lbs

All to be achieved in 12 weeks.

At the beginning her stats were:

Body Fat 21.7%

Fat Mass 31.7 lbs

Lean Mass 114.9 lbs.

Weight 146.6 lbs.


Long story short is we achieved this goal at week 10 and she was ecstatic.

Look at her eyes in the before and after picture. A totally different person.

But here is where it got really exciting for her.

She felt like a totally different person and wanted more. She now wanted to push her limits to see what she could truly achieve by here birthday. She was now doing things that she thought she could not do. She entered two 5k runs and on both occasions she smashed her personal best times without doing any running. She was doing exercises that she was struggling with at the beginning with ease. She was coming out of her comfort zone and becoming the person deep down inside of her that she truly wanted to be.

I felt as though I was working with another person. An entirely different person to the one I met on the first day.How awesome is that?

Her new goal for her 30th birthday was 15% body fat, 30 push ups, 10 pull ups and squat 155 for 1 rep.

On Monday there were tears of joy as she hit all her goals 3 days before her birthday.

I have never seen any of my clients cry from achieving their goal, so this was a special moment, not just for me, but more so for my client.

Congratulations Dani! So proud of you and the privilege of working alongside you on your journey.

The best is yet to come. Now let ‘s get back to work 🙂

Have you got an emotional attachment to your goal?

I get all my clients to place an emotional attachment to their goal, as we are driven by our emotions. I have noticed the greater emotional attachment you place on anything in life, the greater chance of you achieving the desired outcome you are working towards.

So dig deep and keep asking ‘why’ when you set goals, until you find that emotional attachment.

Live with Courage!


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