Have You Got The State of Mind?

March 1, 2014 — Leave a comment

Have you got the state of mind to achieve your best?perspective

Over the last 2 days I have been blessed to be able to attend Anthony Robbins, Unleash The Power Within, live event right here in sunny Ft Lauderdale and I still have 2 days left to go.

It has been an amazing 2 days so far and cant wait to get going later today and tomorrow for the final 2 sessions.

I was not sure what to expect with this event at first but went with an open mind. The excitement of the day was to walk on fire/coals at the end of the day, which was what really got me fired up (no pun intended).

As Tony spoke he grabbed your attention and held on for it for hours. As crazy as this sounds this guy has you in a trance like state and doing things that you thought you would not do. I was jumping, I was screaming, I was shouting, I was making weird noises, I was moved, I was focused, I was in a state of mind that I believed I could do anything and everything. Trust me when I say some of the stuff we did you would not do it outside of those doors we were behind. I was feeling on top of the world with all this and with a massive smile on my face.

It was an AWESOME feeling.

I felt like I could be a child again without other people looking at me like I was crazy. I could express myself without others wondering what in the world I was doing.

I could be ME!

I could be who I wanted.

I could be who I am!

That’s the thing with life right now with many people who are in a state of mind that is not allowing them to be themselves to go out there and achieve what they WANT in life. We are more concerned with what other people think and how we look. We question ourselves constantly asking if we are good enough, or is this for me, or what will my parents/family/friends think and many other things I am sure you can come up with.

It is all a state of mind that will suck you in to a cave and keep you in the dark. It is a state of mind that will constantly keep you down if you stay in it.

But here is the thing….

That state of mind can be changed with the click of a finger. Yes that’s how quick it can change.

When it was time to do the fire walk, Tony got us in a state of mind that we could achieve anything. The state of mind that you need to be in to walk on heat that could potentially burn you.

As I took that first step on to the 1000 plus degree heat, I felt strong, I felt purposeful. I felt invincible. I felt as though I could achieve anything with the state of mind I was in.

And I did the fire walk!

You can do anything by changing the state of mind you are in. What you focus on you achieve. So focus on the things you want. Focus on being in the zone and getting pumped up for the greatest event in your life. Get in to a frame of mind that makes you feel strong and invincible. Get to that state of mind that you can achieve anything you want and go for it.


Live with Courage.


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