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Workout of the week #6 is going to make you sweat!!!

This weeks workout is going to be a Tabata with 8 different exercises.

Each exercise will be done for 20 seconds all out, no holding back followed by a 10 second rest, before moving on to the next exercise, until all 8 exercises are completed. Then rest 2-3 minutes.

Push up

Jump Squats

Mountain Climbers

Alternating reverse lunges

Plank Walk

Knee Tucks

Close grip push up


4 Rounds in total.



These 11 traps are holding you back in some way or the other.

A winning mentality creates a positive cycle in our lives with anything we do. Every time we see some type of results in the gym, it spurs us on to keep going. It’s why setting goals are important and also monitoring/measuring the goal to make sure we are going in the direction we want to be going.

When we win we gain self confidence. The more confidence we have, the more likely we are to stick to the plan and take action to keep things moving forward. We feel on top of the world. We feel AWESOME!

However, losing can create a cycle in our lives, which tends to be a negative one. Loses can lead to low self confidence and being disheartened. It causes us to question things that usually cause doubt and insecurities in ourselves. Not a great feeling and not a great place to be.

Over the years of training people, I constantly hear these 11 traps that potentially hold people back form being their ULTIMATE best.

11 traps holding people back:

1. The Mistake Trap: “I am afraid of doing something wrong.”

If you are afraid of doing doing something wrong, then you will never get started. That is just a story you are telling yourself. Be courageous and make that step and keep taking little steps each and every day. How are you going to know if you are doing something wrong if you do not know if you are doing it wrong. Think about that for a second. It is a learning process with each and every step.

2. The Fatigue Trap: “I am tired today.”

Snap out of that excuse. By doing some form of exercise you are going to feel more energized.

3. The Comparison Trap: “Everybody in the gym is fit and healthy.”

Everybody in the gym had to start somewhere and so do you. You are NOT inferior to any of these people that are fit and healthy. You can do the same and transform your own health and wellness. The only person you need to compete with is yourself so forget about everybody else.

4. The Timing Trap: “This is not the right time”

Then when is the right time? There is no time like the present time. Listen the right time is now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not the first Monday of the month. The time is NOW.

5. The Inspiration Trap: “I don’t feel like doing it right now”

When do you feel like doing it then? Stop hesitating and start taking action to take control of your health. You only have one body for the rest of your life, so own it and take care of it today and every day.

6. The Rationalization Trap: “Maybe it is not important”

Are you kidding me???? You bet it is important. And you very well know that your health is important. Don’t let this trap demotivate you from being the best version of yourself.

7. The Perfection Trap: “There is a best way to do it and I have to find it before I start”

You honestly do not need the newest pair of sneakers or training clothing. You do not need to find the perfect workout (there is no such thing). All you need to do is get started and make relevant changes as you go along.

8. The Expectation Trap: “I thought it would be easy, but it isn’t”

You definitely got that one correct. Hey, yes it is going to be hard. Yes it is going to be challenging. Yes you are going to have to work for it. But in the end the reward is greater.

9. The Fairness Trap: “I shouldn’t have to do this.” “Why me?”

Yes you do! Your health is of utmost importance.

10. The Public Opinion Trap: “If I fail, what will others think?”

First of all stop thinking what other people are going to think of you. It will paralyze you. Secondly, if you fail so what. Get up and go again but this time learn from your failures. That is the joy of failure; you learn what not to do next time. How great is that!

11. The Self-Image Trap: “If I fail at this, it means I am a failure”

Let me start by saying you are NOT a failure. You are FREAKING AWESOME! (my new 2 favorite words). You are also not going to fail. There may be set backs but again it is learning process.

All of these traps are caused by losses, and all create a negative mindset. If you want to be successful with your health and fitness goals, shift your mindset to a more positive, winning mentality to bridge that gap.

What you focus on, you achieve. So focus on the things you want to achieve.

Live With Courage!

This seriously is what I want for you….

I could blog about the 10 best exercises to get the best bang for you buck, or 7 foods you should be eating, or the best exercises to get a six-pack.

To be honest, it’s all out there already. Somebody out there has written about and some day I probably will write something about those topics.

But here is what I really want for you….

I want you to get up and get moving. I want you to take responsibility for your life. I want you to take control of your actions. One thing I am not going to say is it’s going to be an easy road to get in the best shape of your life. It is going to take what I call 3 D’s and an A.

It is going to take DEDICATION!

It is going to take DETERMINATION!

It is going to take DRIVE!

Lastly you are going to have to take ACTION!

So make that first step and decide right NOW that you are going to make the change in your life that you have been thinking of doing for however long. Make that commitment to do something right NOW to be one step closer to being the BEST version of yourself. Get up now, stop reading and go do something.

Write down your goals.

Do 10 push ups.

Go for a 10 minute run.

Do a plank for 30 seconds.

Tell someone your goals.

Just do something NOW!

I want you to take action every day in the direction that you want to go in. I want you to think about everything that you are going to eat and ask yourself ‘is this going to gt me closer to where I want to be or not?’ If it is not, then make a better choice.

The next time you train push yourself, challenge yourself to be your BEST. See how far you can push yourself. Yes it is going to be uncomfortable. Yes you are going to be out of breath and gasping for air. But guess what, this is what it is going to take to get you to that next level. This is what it is going to take to achieve your desired outcome.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

And yes somebody who you know is going to burst your bubble and it is going to be someone very close to you. Guess what? That person is just jealous of the positive changes you are making in your life and wants to the the same.

This is what you do with this person. You HELP them achieve what you are achieving. This is going to challenge you in a different way and you will have more accountability with what you are aiming to achieve. How great would that be if you helped someone else achieve something in their life that they may be struggling with.

It would be freaking AWESOME!

I want you to STOP thinking about what other people would think when you rock up to work with all your healthy food packed up and well prepared.

I want you to STOP thinking about what other people would say when you tell them that you have stopped drinking because you are now living a healthier lifestyle. This is your life and you do NOT have to do what everyone else may be doing. It is very liberating to say NO by the way. Try it!

I want you to STOP thinking what other people are going to say when you say no to going out because you have to go to the gym. This is you life so own it!

I want you to be happy with yourself.

I want you to challenge yourself to unleash your true potential.

I want you to look sexy and be so confident that you feel on top of the world each and every day.

I want you to be outstanding with whatever you do.

I want you to ROCK your FREAKING world.

I want you to be your best.

I want when people see you that they are inspired by you to get started on their own fitness journey.

I want you to be brave to take the necessary steps that will change you life for the better. To do the things that deep down inside of you that you know you should be doing.

The only limit you have are the limits within you.

Rise above and ALWAYS be your best at whatever you do.

Rise above and ALWAYS be outstanding.

Rise above and ALWAYS raise your standards to another level.

Rise up and ALWAYS live life to your true potential.

It is your time to shine, so get up, get moving and take action TODAY.

Join the gym, find a trainer, go do Zumba, jog around the block….just do something NOW.

I want to help you so if you need advice on how to get started or how to take things to another level or have any questions, then email me:



Have you got the emotional attachment to your goal?

Yesterday I witnessed something that I have never seen before with any of my clients. It was such a great feeling to see and it made me feel very humbled.

I started working with her back in October 2013. I remember the first day she came in very clearly. I did my usual meet and greet with her and started her consultation. At the end of the consultation is a section to go through her goals of which I really dig deep to find out what is that person’s emotional attachment to their goal.

Loads of people find this very difficult to answer and very uncomfortable at times.

So I asked her what was her goal?

I got the usual I want to lose weight and tone up.

So I asked what does that mean to you losing weight and toning up?

I got a little bit more in depth answer which was great.

Now here is where it got really deep.

I asked her why she wanted to achieve the desired goal and she told me why. After that I kept asking why till I got to that REAL EMOTIONAL attachment to the goal.

At that moment I did not believe it was the last ‘why’ question to be asked and believed there was more. She started to feel very uncomfortable with this strange guy, who she has never met before asking her questions to really dig deep to find that emotional attachment to her goal. She started to feel really uneasy and I could see that so I stopped where we were and then advised her to keep asking why when she went home to find that true emotional attachment.

Her emotional attachment to the goal at the time was for a lifestyle change, to achieve something for herself and as she was in the Health & Wellness Industry, to practice what she preached and most importantly to do something for herself.

Her specific goals were:

Body Fat 18%

Fat Mass 25.2 lbs.

Lean Mass 114.8 lbs.

Weight 140 lbs

All to be achieved in 12 weeks.

At the beginning her stats were:

Body Fat 21.7%

Fat Mass 31.7 lbs

Lean Mass 114.9 lbs.

Weight 146.6 lbs.


Long story short is we achieved this goal at week 10 and she was ecstatic.

Look at her eyes in the before and after picture. A totally different person.

But here is where it got really exciting for her.

She felt like a totally different person and wanted more. She now wanted to push her limits to see what she could truly achieve by here birthday. She was now doing things that she thought she could not do. She entered two 5k runs and on both occasions she smashed her personal best times without doing any running. She was doing exercises that she was struggling with at the beginning with ease. She was coming out of her comfort zone and becoming the person deep down inside of her that she truly wanted to be.

I felt as though I was working with another person. An entirely different person to the one I met on the first day.How awesome is that?

Her new goal for her 30th birthday was 15% body fat, 30 push ups, 10 pull ups and squat 155 for 1 rep.

On Monday there were tears of joy as she hit all her goals 3 days before her birthday.

I have never seen any of my clients cry from achieving their goal, so this was a special moment, not just for me, but more so for my client.

Congratulations Dani! So proud of you and the privilege of working alongside you on your journey.

The best is yet to come. Now let ‘s get back to work 🙂

Have you got an emotional attachment to your goal?

I get all my clients to place an emotional attachment to their goal, as we are driven by our emotions. I have noticed the greater emotional attachment you place on anything in life, the greater chance of you achieving the desired outcome you are working towards.

So dig deep and keep asking ‘why’ when you set goals, until you find that emotional attachment.

Live with Courage!

Workout of the week

In this weeks workout of the week 5, we are going to use a dumbbell to challenge you to do your ULTIMATE best. The goal is not to put the dumbbell down till you have completed all of the exercises.

So choose the weight of your dumbbells 

carefully. Make sure to do a thorough full body warm up before kick starting this workout of the week 5.

So here we go…

Workout of the week 5

10 Squats

10 push ups

10 lunges on each leg

10 RDL

10 bent over rows

10 bicep curls

10 tricep dips

10 shoulder press

There are two options for this workout of the week 5.

1. 15 min. AMRAP (as many rounds as possible). So do as many rounds as you possibly can in the 15 minutes. 

2. 3-5 rounds with rest after each completed round. Rest for 2-3 minutes then go for it again.

Go smash it!!

Have you got the state of mind to achieve your best?perspective

Over the last 2 days I have been blessed to be able to attend Anthony Robbins, Unleash The Power Within, live event right here in sunny Ft Lauderdale and I still have 2 days left to go.

It has been an amazing 2 days so far and cant wait to get going later today and tomorrow for the final 2 sessions.

I was not sure what to expect with this event at first but went with an open mind. The excitement of the day was to walk on fire/coals at the end of the day, which was what really got me fired up (no pun intended).

As Tony spoke he grabbed your attention and held on for it for hours. As crazy as this sounds this guy has you in a trance like state and doing things that you thought you would not do. I was jumping, I was screaming, I was shouting, I was making weird noises, I was moved, I was focused, I was in a state of mind that I believed I could do anything and everything. Trust me when I say some of the stuff we did you would not do it outside of those doors we were behind. I was feeling on top of the world with all this and with a massive smile on my face.

It was an AWESOME feeling.

I felt like I could be a child again without other people looking at me like I was crazy. I could express myself without others wondering what in the world I was doing.

I could be ME!

I could be who I wanted.

I could be who I am!

That’s the thing with life right now with many people who are in a state of mind that is not allowing them to be themselves to go out there and achieve what they WANT in life. We are more concerned with what other people think and how we look. We question ourselves constantly asking if we are good enough, or is this for me, or what will my parents/family/friends think and many other things I am sure you can come up with.

It is all a state of mind that will suck you in to a cave and keep you in the dark. It is a state of mind that will constantly keep you down if you stay in it.

But here is the thing….

That state of mind can be changed with the click of a finger. Yes that’s how quick it can change.

When it was time to do the fire walk, Tony got us in a state of mind that we could achieve anything. The state of mind that you need to be in to walk on heat that could potentially burn you.

As I took that first step on to the 1000 plus degree heat, I felt strong, I felt purposeful. I felt invincible. I felt as though I could achieve anything with the state of mind I was in.

And I did the fire walk!

You can do anything by changing the state of mind you are in. What you focus on you achieve. So focus on the things you want. Focus on being in the zone and getting pumped up for the greatest event in your life. Get in to a frame of mind that makes you feel strong and invincible. Get to that state of mind that you can achieve anything you want and go for it.


Live with Courage.