WOW #2

February 9, 2014 — Leave a comment

This workout is all about using your own bodyweight. You can do it in your living room, at the park, at the gym, in your hotel room. Pretty much where ever you like.

50 Push ups

50 Squats

50 Jumping Jacks

50 Reverse Crunches

Thats round 1.


40 Push Ups

40 Squats

40 Jumping Jacks

40 Reverse Curls

Thats round 2


30 Push ups

30 Squats

30 Jumping Jacks

30 Reverse Crunches

Thats round 3.


20 Push ups

20 Squats

20 Jumping Jacks

20 Reverse Crunches

Thats round 4.


10 Push ups

10 Squats

10 Jumping Jacks

10 Reverse Crunches

Thats round 5

Thats 150 Reps of each exercises.


Live with Courage!


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