Is your B.S holding you back from your ultimate potential?

January 27, 2014 — Leave a comment

I recently had the privilege of spending some time at a presentation with one of Anthony Robbins lead coaches Dragon Trajkovski. This guy was amazing and he filled BB3 Personal Training and Performance Center with all his energy. It was unbelievable how he had everyone’s attention and fired up. I was excited myself and following his every command.

That night on my way home, I started think about how all this related to me, my life, the people around me, my clients and some of the B.S. that keeps me from achieving my ultimate potential.

I know I have set myself a number of health and fitness goals for 2014, and I am pretty sure a high percentage of you have also done the same and a lot of negative B.S. can hinder me to getting to my desired end results.

B.S. comes in a lot of forms and in different ways for each and every one of us, and also affects us differently.

Have you ever sat down and thought about the B.S. in your life at any point?

So lets answer some questions right now….

What is the B.S. that is holding you back right now from achieving your ultimate fitness goal?

Here are some of mine that I wrote down on the night:


Myself. Yes me!


Not clearly knowing what I want.

Limiting self beliefs.

That is some of the B.S. in my life.

What is some B.S. in your life?

I don’t have time.

Fear of results. Fear of success. Fear of no results.


No support.

Not sure what to do.

Don’t know what to eat or cook.

Information overload.

What other people will think of you.

Standing out in the crowd.

I can’t.

That’s some of the B.S. going on in people’s lives at some point in time. And, I am sure you can possibly add more to that list.

Here is the thing with all that B.S, its a load of negative B.S. that is keeping you from achieving your ultimate fitness and many other things in life.

It’s all a bunch of EXCUSES!!!!

It’s all programmed in to you.

It’s not who you are.

We are all capable of so much more, but we let negative B.S. keep us down. Why do we do this to ourselves? If you are asking where did this B.S come from, that is a damn good question.

Stop for a while, and ask thought provoking questions to yourself that will make you think about things.

This type of negative B.S. is not going to get you far, and to be honest, you need to change it quickly as it can be a vicious cycle.

If you are asking yourself how do I change this negative B.S, that is truly a great question.

Here is what I would like you to do before we go any further…….

Please go along with this.

I would like you to go back to the top and re-read everything.

Where you saw the letters B.S, (I hope you didn’t think it meant BULL SHIT!), replace it with BELIEF SYSTEMS.



Now that you are back….

Do you now see that it is your negative belief systems that is holding you back?

What you focus on is what you get. If you keep saying ‘I can’t….” then you will not. If you keep focusing on ‘this is hard’ then guess what, it will be hard. If you keep saying ‘I am getting fat’ then guess what, you will keep getting fat.

These negative belief systems are not who you are, and I am pretty sure what you are not striving for, but trying to move away from.

It is a negative belief system that can be changed.

Changed to one in which you focus on what you want.

I am at my peak fitness everyday.

I am fueling my body with the most nutritious foods.

I am strong and can conquer all my challenges.

All that I need I already have in my life now.

These are the things you want to focus on. These are the things you want to say and BELIEVE!

On the night of the presentation when Dragon said write this down in a very in a very demanding and influential voice of utmost importance, I immediately started writing what he said which was:

BELIEF: a feeling of certainty of what something means to you.

Change your beliefs and you will change your thoughts; change your thoughts and you would change your actions; change your actions and you would change your results.

I hope this blog has made you think about things a little more in terms of your belief system, and that it challenges you, as life really gets exciting at the end of your comfort zone.


Live with Courage


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