ABC for when the going gets tough

January 22, 2014 — Leave a comment

You made that big decision to get going to get rid of those unwanted pounds and work towards your ultimate body. Things were great and you were consistent. In your first 4 weeks the weight was dropping off and you were on an all time high. Things were going according to plan.

Then BOOM!
Something happened. You didn’t lose any weight this month. Work started to take over. The kids start to take priority. Your partner isn’t supporting you anymore. You can’t seem to find the time you had before.  The dog is not well. Social life is on over drive.
Then before you know it the weight starts to pile back on. You go in to a slump and start thinking ‘I can’t do this,’ ‘what was I thinking,’ ‘ this is not for me,’ ‘I guess I am meant to be this way.’
Let’s face it these things happen in life and we have to deal with them when they turn up. It’s not the end of the world when these things happen and you are certainly not the only one it has happened to.
So what happened?
The negative slump.
A- the missed event. What started this? You didn’t lose any weight this month. You actually put some on. This is the event that started the slump.
B – this is when you start telling yourself you are a failure. All my hard work has gone down the drain….I knew this would happen…what am going to do now?
C – the lousy stage where you feel like crap and down and out. 
This is certainly not a nice place to be.
What needs to be done is take that unpleasant event ‘A,’ and rationally think how to handle it – ‘B,’ so that you end up feeling on a high again ‘C’ when things don’t go according to plan.
Positive reinforcement.
A – ok so you didn’t lose any weight this month. Is this the end of the world? Of course it’s not! You can influence your reaction in two ways by criticizing yourself for not losing weight (I shouldn’t have eaten that….I’m a failure) and make yourself feel like crap or you can reinforce yourself by accepting it has happened and telling yourself this month I’m going to work harder and give up on all sweets including fizzy drinks and make yourself feel better.
B – your choice in ‘A’ is now going to have an influence on ‘B’ as you are no longer thinking it can’t be done as your thoughts have changed from can’t to can. You now have something to focus towards by working to achieve your desired state of ULTIMATE health an fitness. So no more need for those negative thoughts.
C – feeling like crap. Of course you are not going to feel like crap anymore as you have just made a choice to be positive and to work harder and eat less crap. The choice is yours. How much do you want to achieve that ULTIMATE desire you are after?
So when the going gets tough, use this simple ABC approach to keep you moving in the direction you want to be going.
You always start off with an event A, which is a miss of some sort. Accept it and be positive and find a solution to move forward.  Depending how you handle the next stage B, which is encouragement or criticism,  you will end up with a widely different outcomes for C, which is confidence and optimism or discouragement or depression.
So the choice is yours. Choose wisely.
I know which I would choose.
Live with Courage!

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