Doing Something Is Better Than Nothing

January 6, 2014 — 2 Comments

I have always been a strong believer in doing something is better than doing nothing.

However, at one point in time I was also like a little lamb following what everyone else was saying and doing on social media sites, believing everything I read without stopping and thinking or even questioning anything that was being said.

My mind was being clouded with so much info that I stopped thinking for myself and I was being influenced by others on their thoughts and beliefs.

Your brain gathers over 2 million bits of information every second. That’s a lot of information for your brain to process through the things we see, touch, taste, feel and hear.

I started believing that Zumba was was not going to get you to your fitness goals.

Running was bad for you.

You should not do steady state cardio.

To get results you only had to do High Intensity Interval Training.

Yoga is not going to do anything for you.

Paleo was the only way you should eat.

Doing sit ups is bad for you.

Kettlebells were better than barbells and vice versa.

Bootcamps were the way to move forward.

Intermittent fasting is the best for fat loss.

Weight watchers is crap.

Herbal Life is even worse.

I could go on with what I was being influenced with….

Here is the thing with all of the above. Somebody somewhere is getting results from doing one of the above. Somebody somewhere is very happy with the results they are getting from doing one of the things above.

As a fitness professional I have my own beliefs on certain things but it does not mean that its right or wrong. We are constantly being influenced by many things that are being broadcasted to us and people putting their own personal opinions on things (everybody is entitled to their own opinion).

This thing about you should not do steady state cardio. Well everybody has to start somewhere. The person who has never exercised before needs to do steady state cardio. Intervals is not a great place for this person to start. The person who is extremely over weight has to start with steady state cardio. The person who has been sitting on the couch all their life that made the decision to take some control and joined a gym and gone on to the Treadmill or Elliptical, well done for taking the step and doing that. It is a step in the right direction. Keep doing that cardio but remember you WILL have to progress from it sooner or later.

From a logical perspective the boxer that puts in the miles or does hundreds of sit ups, is that bad for him? Boxers have been doing this for many years and look in great shape when they go in to the ring to fight.

Zumba and many other group fitness classes are getting people to move. Getting people off of their couch and in to a room filled with people that want to dance and shake their ‘booty.’ Is there something so wrong with this. These people come out of the classes with a smile on their face looking happier than before they started. Best of all they are seeing results! The process may be longer but they are seeing results and that is usually what people want to see. RESULTS!

Many people also go on about Weight Watchers. Well guess what? People are getting results from Weight Watchers around the world. It is not something I would prescribe or follow but who am I to say anything to someone who has got up off the couch and took some action in taking control of their life. As a matter of fact well done to the person who took action. There are many people still sitting on a couch dreaming of taking action.

Herbal Life is another one that I read a lot about. Again, I am going to repeat myself here, but somebody somewhere around the world is getting results from the use of Herbal Life products. With a new supplement coming out every day it is very difficult to decipher what to take and what not to take. I know many people who use and distribute Herbal Life and these people believe in the product and continuously use and promote the product. At the end of the day they are getting RESULTS!

There are many ways for people to get results and there is no one way to skin the cat as they say. There is no right or wrong in my eyes if people are getting results. What is important is people are doing something instead of doing nothing. Whether that may be doing a Zumba class or Weight Watchers or drinking a Herbal Life shake, they are doing something which is probably more than they were doing before (HUGE ASSUMPTION). Or they may have tried other things and now trying something different. Well done for trying!

With whatever option people choose on their fitness journey it is a bout being consistent with their choices. Its about sticking to the plan of action and making necessary changes where needed. Its about moving from that present state they are in and taking a journey that has up and downs, hurdles to cross, smooth parts to speed along, to get to the desired state.

Live with Courage!


2 responses to Doing Something Is Better Than Nothing


    Love it Gav! 110% agree. You know I love Zumba and shakin my booty! lol. Well written my friend.

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