Mission To Trinidad Part 2

January 1, 2014 — Leave a comment

I have been to Trinidad on many occassions before, but this one was different to any other. It was a short trip with a big purpose to do something that I have never done before but something I have always wanted to do.

We got the chance to impact the lives of 80 kids, by providing them with much needed clothes and shoes and also help 4 families with food and clothing.

This was an eye opener for to see all these kids and to hear some of the stories of why these kids were at the various homes. If you saw the smile on their faces, it would put a smile on your own face.

At one home there were 15 boys from as young as 3 years old to 18 years old. We spent at least 2 hours with them and interacted with them. We spoke tIMG_4958o them for a while explaining the importance of breaking through with life and not letting their fears hold them back. We then broke boards with them of which at first their thought they were not able to do. With some coching and explanations on the correct technique and a quixk demo, they were all fired up to break boards. To their surprise they were breaking boards like “ninjas” and wanting to break more and more. Sadly we ran out of boards for them.

Next we spent some time playing with them and doing some push ups and pull ups. Yes we did and they loved it.

For the short time we spent with these kids it was abosulutely amazing. They were so happy and full of energy. To the people that run this home, and the things they do for these kids is jaw dropping with the limited resources they have. They certainly deserve more credit for what they do for these kids even when others may have given up on them.

The other home we went to was Kistow Home. The lady that runs this home Margaret Kistow is one amazing lady with an amazing heart and unbeleivable Faith. We were able to spend some time with “Auntie” as she is called by the 30 plus kids that live at her home. Kids as young as 2 weeks old to adults.

Auntie says its God that is guiding for her and providing what she needs for the kids to have a roof over their head, food on the table, pay the bills and guide these kids. To our surprise, she does this all on her own with no help from the Government with any type of funds. She relize on people like us to help her out and others who donate in various ways.

Again we brought boards for the kids to break and to see the joy they had of breaking the boards and then taking the same pieces of board they broke to make toy houses was fascinating. The pieces of board kept them busy and playing, while we chatted with Auntie. At times it got really noisy with all the kids banging on tables and the kids running.around.

The way these kids were playing and having fun, you would not have thought of some of the things they have been through by whay Auntie was describing to us. It was such a joy taking to Auntie and the love she has for these kids and the things she does for them. A true inspiration she was.

We were able to provide for 3 homes and 5 families while in Trinidad. We met some tremendous people who are doing things for the kids that many people would not do. These people are taking kids in to their homes without expecting anything from anybody. They are so amazing!

This was our first International mission and I can certainly say it will not be our last.

I look forward to helping even more people on our Mission 1 Million journey. This is just the beginning to bigger and better things to make the world more awesome.

Be a Warrior. Be Fearless!



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