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Life is full of ups and downs but recently I have this eagerness to share more of myself

Which Direction are you going?

as I believe it’s my way of helping someone out there who might read this. If I help one person who reads this, I have served my purpose.

I used to be a lamb at one point in my life. One of those people that just follower the pack and did everything that everyone else was doing. I was doing things just because everyone else was doing it and I wanted to be one of those cool people that was in with the ‘cool people.’

The story in my head was I had to follower these ‘cool’ people to get to where I wanted to go. Little did I know I was not getting anywhere.  

There was a point where I had NO direction and was just going with the flow. The only thing with this flow was it had no direction. I had no compass to follow to know I was going in the right direction. I was just following whatever the next best thing was going on in the Fitness Industry and following the ‘gurus’ out there because everyone else was doing that.

I bought in to things that after buying it, I asked myself ‘Why did I by this’?

The sad thing about this was I never learnt from that mistake and I would do the same thing again and ask the same question.

Yes I know….a sign of craziness!

But I did not know any better at the time. At that stage of my life, in my eyes, I believed that was the correct thing to do.

On Facebook I would post things to see how many ‘likes’ I would get and would check my phone every 5 seconds to see who liked my post. My thought process was to boost my ego more than anything else and nothing more. Getting loads of likes made for a great day; getting no likes made for a bad day.

Yes my self- confidence was low and self -belief was just as low. I can say that now, but at the time I was not seeing that. I was looking through a pair of lenses that were extremely cloudy.

The flow of life felt challenging in these days. Everything felt uphill and twice as hard as it should be. I never felt happy with anything and would find fault in others and jealousy towards other people. I just went through the motions with everything I did. No PURPOSE whatsoever in what I was doing or where I was going. I did not stand for anthing and was falling for EVERYTHING.

The arrow on my compass was going around in circles.

After doing this for many years, I realized something was not right and looked at my life and saw some HARSH realities. Going in to my thirties I suddenly realized I had nothing to show for my life and had to make some changes as I knew deep down I wanted more and that there was more to life than what I was doing.

One decision I made that drastically helped me was I came off social media. I deactivated every social media account I had, as I realized this was draining me and I was directing my energy in the wrong places.It was taking up my time for all the wrong reasons and I was slowly wasting away my life.

This was probably one of the best things I did as I now had to spend more time with me and my thoughts, and also had to find new ways of entertaining my wondering mind. I spent a lot of time reading books on the mind and started seeing the mistakes I was making.

I wanted to kick myself when I realized what I was doing to myself and how sometimes we are our own worst enemies.

In today’s society it is very easy to follow what others are doing instead of standing out in a crowd. We have become cowards to go after what we want in life and spend too much time looking at what other people are doing and not doing what we want to do. We think about what other people would think about what we are doing and this holds us back.

I know I did these things and it has held me back.

Know what your values are in life and what your purpose is in life. It would make your decisions a lot easier. I learnt those late but I learnt them and it makes a massive difference now.

Presently I don’t think what other people would think about what I do, but instead think what if one person reads this and it inspires them to take action, I have made a difference.

I question myself to find out if what I am doing is in line with my purpose to Lead, Inspire, Motivate and Empower. If the answer is yes, then I go for it.

So don’t be afraid to attack life like a LION. Attack what you are after. If it doesn’t work out, dust yourself off and go again. Whatever you do, give it your best shot. You don’t have to please anybody in life but yourself. Be that person you want to be in life.

Be a Warrior! Be Fearless!


My Shift In Mindset

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Over the last couple of weeks I have been thinking more about what my purpose is in life and trying to find clarity from it all. This is something I have thought about on many occasions but never seem to really get that clarity I am looking for.

I have an idea of what my purpose is but I always question it which to some may not be a great thing, but in my eyes it works for me as each time I am getting a clearer picture and a more powerful purpose in life.

For me to find my life’s purpose I had to make a shift in the way I was seeing things and look at the bigger picture. I know I enjoy helping people, and as a Personal Trainer I do that on a daily basis.

I wanted more….

I started asking myself questions like What are my values? What do I stand for? What makes me tick? Who am I? What are my principles?

These are really thinking questions that I sat down for a while but not much came to me in terms of answering these questions. It also takes you out of your comfort zone which is an uncomfortable place to be but also a very powerful place to be as you WILL learn something about yourself at this point.

I stuck with it for quite a while, but changed the question slightly to what is important to me?

This is what I came up with:


Positive Attitude







Can do Attitude

After writing these down I realized these were all things I value, besides Family, friends, work.

I then went on to ask Who Am I?

I am:





Always Learning










These are all things that came to me in no specific order which I am sure I can add many more words to the list.

This is where the shift in mindset came in after writing these things down. I started living by them. I was doing things that fell in to what my values were and who I was. I felt a massive shift and felt I had more of a purpose to everything I was doing. I was not just doing things for the sake of doing things, there was now purpose and belief in what I was doing.

I was now standing for something and not falling for anything which felt very liberating for me.

In this life we live it is very easy to follow all the cool people, the gurus, the most famous person like lambs and not think for ourselves. To be honest being a lamb is very easy as all they do is follow each other. This lamb like life people follow makes them cowards in a world where standing out is not the cool thing to do and stops people from thinking for themselves.

Instead, be a lion, attack life with heart. Be that person you want to be. Stand out from the crowd, don’t blend in with everyone else. Know who you are and what your values are. Live by them. Inspire someone. Lift up someone else’s life and yours will be lifted up also.

If you want your life to have impact, focus it and impact someone else’s life.

Be Fearless. Be a Warrior!

This is a topic that I have never written about and feel that I am ready to share what happened to me a few years back and how I got out of the slump I was in.

Chills are going through my body as I type this.

A few years ago my life took a major turn in which I felt lost and the world was against me. I kept asking myself why me? What did I do to deserve this? I felt down and out.

In 2008 my girlfriend at the time passed away while we were on vacation in Trinidad. She had an aggressive for of Leukemia which she or I did not know about. It was her first trip to Trinidad and also to meet my parents. It was a great vacation and we were having a great time until she got this headache that was excruciatingly painful for her.

We took her to the hospital and relevant test were done on her to find out one thing after another. This was a very scary time for her and it was also for me as I did not know how to deal with all this.

Things got worse as the days went on and she had a seizure. My heart dropped and felt heavy as I was there to witness everything that happened. My thoughts shifted to how am I going to tell her parents that their daughter was in hospital and things were not looking good for her.

My thoughts were all over the place at this point. What would her parents think of me? I took their daughter on vacation and now she is in hospital.

That phone call to her parents to say that their daughter was in hospital on life support was painful for me. I felt numbness all over my body. I felt heavy….

Sadly to say to say…..3 days after taking her to hospital she passed away.

I remember sitting there with tears flowing out of my eyes, shocked at what had just happened. I even remember my mom just standing there not knowing what to do as she had never seen me like this before.

Moving forward…..

When I got back to the UK, I was down. I felt out of it. Question after question came came flowing. All of which I could not find answers for. All of which I wanted answers for.

Why me? was one that always came up.

Life did not feel the same anymore. I felt alone and wanted to be alone. I slept all day and did nothing. I was feeling sorry for myself.

After a few months I knew I was not myself and new I was depressed but did not know how to deal with it all.

So I thought going to the doctor was a great place to start, which I did.

I filled out the relevant questionnaire at the doctor for her to tell me I was depressed. No rocket science on that one. Her advice was to take some depression pills or go get counceling.

Popping pills was not going to be an option for me so went for the counceling.

I contacted the people the doctor gave me only to find out from them that they did not have any appointments available for about 3 weeks.

I was like are you serious?

I made a decision right there and then that I was going to deal with this my way and I certainly did.

I could have lye there and be miserable or I could get up and take action.

I took ACTION!

The first thing I did was start reading. I bought some self help books on Amazon and really got in to reading. I wish I could recall the first set of books I bought.

Anyway, these books all spoke about having a positive mental attitude for life. To see the good in all. To have big dreams and go afer them. To write down your goals and take action. To visualize your life the way you want it….

I started doing all these things and slowly I was focusing on what I wanted out of life and not what had happened. I started taking action and focusing on myself. Suddenly the times when I felt alone, I no longer felt that way even though I was on my own. I started loving myself for who I was. I started looking at myself differently. I slowly started building my confidence back up, one day at a time.

It was not easy on some days but at the same time it was not as difficult as before. I was getting better.

One of the big things for me that really got me fired up was to get in the best shape of my life. I focused on my training and being consitent with it. I changed my diet and started eating healthier foods. I started my week with a purpose every Sunday writing what I was going to eat for each meal that week and had a structured workout program that I would follow.

I spent a lot of time on my own getting to know who I was and still do today. I spent as much as I could outdoors especially at the beach where I feel at most peace. I started a journal , writing all my thoughts down and how I was feeling, which I also still do today. By writing it all down I got things off my chest and it helped majorly. I was reading more than ever now and really enjoying reading, which I did not previously.

I surrounded myself with positive people that inspired me and motivated me to be better. People who encouraged me to do my best and give my best. I started training with people who were better than me which drove me to become better.

Things shifted for me when when I did all these things and believing in myself. Things shifted for me when I looked at life differently. Things shifted for me when I looked for positive in everything. Things shifted for me when I looked within.

Depression is different for everbody and people deal with it in many different ways. I look back at this stage of my life as a blessing as it has made me find myself and who I am. It has made me appreciate life even more as I know how quick it can be taken away from you. It has taught me to be positive and encouraging. It has taught to worry less and take action more. It has taught me to be FEARLESS with life.

We all have challenges on our journeys, but its how we deal with them.

Life is short, live your dream…..don’t let your dream live inside you!



I wrote this blog about 4 years ago and decided I would do it again. These are random facts about me at different stages of me life.

1. I was born in London, moved to Trinidad as a baby, then moved back to London at 22, where I lived in various parts of London and Bournemouth over a 13 year period and now living in South Florida for the past 18 months.

2. I have an older brother, a younger sister and a son.

3. I got my license to drive at the age of 35 (yes that’s right its not a typo).

4. I had dreadlocks for 5 years.

5. I represented Trinidad and Tobago at under 16 level vs Mexico in a soccer game.

6. I got married in October 2011.

7. I was voted Sports Personality of the Year at my High School.

8. My favorite color is blue, my favorite number is 20 (not sure why….it just is), my favorite food is BBQ Ribs.

9. I once Managed a Team of 16 Personal Trainers.

10. I enjoy cooking (when I do cook).

11. When I am hungry and tired, I get grumpy.

12. I played soccer at Ashland University in Ohio for 1 year (didn’t not go back after my first year).

13. I have lived in 3 different countries. England, Trinidad and USA.

14. My purpose in life is to Lead, Inspire, Motivate and Empower people through having a positive mindset, healthy eating and consistent exercise and to bring out the warrior in them to be fearless.

15. I have climbed the 3 highest mountain in the United Kingdom, Ben Nevis (1,344 m or 4,409 ft), the highest mountain in Scotland, Snowdon (1,085 m or 3,560 ft), the highest mountain in Wales and Scafell Pike (978 m or 3,209 ft), the highest mountain in England.

16. I am sarcastic

17. I am very quiet when I first meet people.

18. I have a crush on Kelly Rowland.

19. I don’t like to be late.

20. I completed a Multi Sport event, 4 mile kayak, 9 mile cross country run, 20 mile mountain bike ride  in 6 hours.

21. I enjoy water sports and the outdoors.

22. I used to be chubby (yes I was…)

23. I have a mixture of 4 Nationalities from my grandparents. West Indian, Chinese, Scottish and Portuguese.

24. My dream car is a BMW X5.

25. My dream vacation destination is the Seychelles.



Your Flat Abs Plan

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One of the most popular questions that I’m asked is, “How can I get great abs?”

You may have pondered this question at some time or another.

Many people are frustrated by their waistlines, to the point of giving up after doing dozens of crunches with zero improvement.

It’s time to forget everything you’ve heard about how to sculpt your abs.

Quite simply, crunches alone won’t give you a six pack.

Doing crunches with the hope that it will transform your abs from flabby to muscular is to believe in one of the most widely held fitness myths. I’m talking about the spot reduction myth.

Training one area of your body will not specifically burn fat from that spot.

Are you training as if spot reduction worked? Doing dozens of crunches in the hopes that layers of fat will disappear?

Sit-ups, crunches and planks will not cause your muffin top to disappear.

But a drop in overall body fat will do that for you.

So you want the secret to great abs?

The secret is a winning combination of fat burning cardio, resistance training and clean eating.

It is fully possible for you to dramatically shape up your waistline.

Yes, Y-O-U.

My clients routinely lose weight and transform their bodies. You can do it too.

Answer the following questions to see how your current routine measures up:

How often do you exercise? If your answer was anything less than 4 times a week, then that’s the first thing getting between you and flat abs.

How do you define a fat burning workout? A routine including intense cardiovascular training coupled with effective resistance training. Do you do this?

I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you, but walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes isn’t a fat blasting routine. Neither is a leisurely 20 minutes on the elliptical machine. The truth is that you can dramatically increase your results while investing less time when you exercise right.

Cardio exercise is all about maintaining an effective level of intensity. This doesn’t mean that you should be out of breath or gasping for air. It does mean that you need to push yourself.

Resistance training is the second key part of a fat burning workout. This means working your major muscle groups against resistance in a way that stimulates your metabolism. Again the key here is to find the right intensity and to keep each muscle group guessing.

Do you eat a clean diet? Diet is a big stumbling block for most people – especially as it relates to their midsection. Here’s a fact: If your diet is out of control then your abs will be too. You can’t trim your waist without trimming the junk out of your diet, regardless of how hard you exercise.


  • Keep calories in check. Do you know how many calories you eat? The best way to find out is to record everything you eat for a few days. Tally the number of calories that you eat each day and do an evaluation – feel free to recruit me to help out with this part. Together we’ll chart improvements for your diet and adjust your calories for maximum results.
  • Just say “No” to junk food. While this may seem obvious, your definition of “junk food” may need an alteration. Refined sugar is one of the biggest culprits in the junk food world – it is found in soft drinks, blended coffee drinks, cookies, cakes, packaged snacks, and other sinfully sweet treats. Processed fat is another monster. As a rule of thumb you can safely view all processed or refined items as junk food.
  • Eat more frequently. The key here is to never let your metabolism “crash” by going hours without eating. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to skip breakfast – as this is the meal that ‘breaks the fast’ that your body goes into each night. Stick with eating small meals every few hours and always avoid stuffing yourself.

You should now understand why you are better off not wasting time on crunches – while it is important to exercise your abs a couple of times a week, you won’t expect fat to fall of that area after 100’s of crunches.

Do you want to flatten and sculpt your waist once and for all? Simply decide that you really want it. Commit to yourself – you deserve it.


How long have you been trying to lose those last 10 or 20 or 30 pounds?

Been awhile now, hasn’t it?

You know how to lose weight – eat healthy and exercise – so why are you still living in a body that you’re disappointed with?

In my experience, people hold on to “unwanted” pounds for very specific reasons. These reasons are on a subconscious level, which is where things get tricky.

Self-sabotage is your subconscious mind’s way of protecting you.

Seems counterproductive, but it makes sense when you realize that it is a defense mechanism meant to keep things from changing.

Your conscious mind says it wants to lose weight to look and feel amazing, but your subconscious mind is pulling the strings behind the scenes, keeping your goals just out of reach.

As long as your subconscious mind thinks that you are safer being out-of-shape then you’ll be stuck.

Your most valiant efforts will be undermined by self-sabotage every single time.

But don’t give up.

There’s a way to turn everything around, and it all starts with finding out the reason that your subconscious mind equates being out-of-shape with being safe.

Once you turn the light on to that reason then it will no longer have any power over you.

So, lets dig around for your reason.

Do you believe… You don’t deserve it? Has someone in your life made you believe that you aren’t worthy of success? Or that they wouldn’t accept you if you were more successful than they are?

Do you believe… Change is bad? It’s common to fear the unknown, but this could very well be the reason that you’re not reaching your goal. Being comfortable with where you are today could be the reason that you sabotage your efforts to improve your life through change.

Do you believe…Success will bring loss? If you met your weight loss goal, would it bring out resentment and jealousy in your friends and family? Are you supposed to be the ‘screw-up’? Do you believe…You’re not capable? Are you unable to imagine yourself at your goal weight? Does the possibility of achieving your goal not seem real?

Spend time diving into your own mind to discover why it is that you aren’t meeting your goals. Once your whole mind is primed for success, then nothing will be able to stop you.

What the mind believes the body achieves.


Let’s face it, most people dislike exercise. Or at least they think they do.

They say it takes up too much time, they don’t like to get sweaty, or maybe they’re so out-of-shape that exercise hurts.

Or maybe they’d just rather lie on the couch and eat cake.

I think that anyone who says they don’t like exercise is really saying that they don’t have any motivation.

Motivation is what gets you to stick with an exercise routine—even when it’s the last thing you feel like doing.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer for motivation, since different things motivate different people. Try the following 7 reasons on for size and discover what motivates you:

Reason #1: Health The long list of health benefits attributed to exercise should be enough motivation for anyone. Physical activity helps you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. It also helps lower bad cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure, while improving the amount of good cholesterol in your body.

Additionally, exercise strengthens your bones and muscles, lowers your risk of cancer, decreases stress, helps you battle depression, and even improves your sex life.

Reason #2: Making Progress When it comes to exercise, many people find it helpful to track their progress so they can see where they started and how far they go over time. Seeing improvements reminds you that your hard work is worth the effort. Perhaps you were only able to walk a mile, now you’re able to run two! Maybe you weighed in at 250 pounds, and now you’re down to 215! Track your progress using a regular journal, phone app, or fitness website. This is a great way to stay motivated and to remind yourself that while you may not notice your progress, you’re making progress every day!

Reason #3: Convenience Many people don’t stick with an exercise routine when it becomes inconvenient for them. Whether you face a schedule change or don’t have time to drive to the gym, it’s important (and possible) to find a time and place that work best for you and your busy lifestyle. Just remember to be flexible! If you’re too tired at the end of the day, try waking up a few minutes early to fit in a workout.

Reason #4: Enjoyment If exercise is a bore for you, find a way to make it fun. Everyone likes doing things they enjoy. You might hate running but enjoy swimming or riding a bike. Perhaps you don’t like being alone and would rather be social. So join a team! Or maybe you don’t like the idea of driving all the way to the gym, changing out, and exercising with a crowd. Find out when your local gym is least populated, and hit the weights then. Do what’s most fun for you and you’ll be less likely to stop.

Reason #5: Goal Achievement If you’re just getting started in the world of exercise, a good place to start is by setting goals. How much weight would you like to lose? How far would you like to run? Working towards a goal is a great motivator. However, don’t set up for failure by striving after unrealistic goals. Do this and you’ll soon feel overwhelmed and give up altogether. To avoid this, set realistic milestones. When you reach them, enjoy your accomplishment and then set new goals to take your good health even further.

Reason #6: Increased Confidence If you’re out of shape or overweight, it can take a lot of courage to start an exercise routine. Remember to be confident in who you are, no matter what size or shape. Don’t compare yourself to the skinny, toned figure strutting her stuff through the gym. Keep your eyes on your goal and don’t expect perfection after just a week of exercise. Strive to have your best body—not someone else’s.

Reason #7: Rewards Rewards are a great motivator. In fact, much of what you do in life is motivated by a reward of some kind, whether intrinsic or extrinsic. When it comes to exercise, a good reward probably shouldn’t be an ice cream sundae, but it may be that new pair of jeans you’ve been eyeing, or perhaps a night out with friends. Maybe for you, weight loss and lowered blood pressure are reward enough. Just know that your hard work is paying off and deserves to be rewarded.