Are you surroundings sabotaging your results?

September 12, 2013 — Leave a comment

You always hear or read people say ‘surround yourself with like minded people.’

Recently I have had the pleasure of being around people that really inspire me and motivate me and be able to work alongside.

Just being in their presence has made my confidence grow and get up each day looking forward to helping people achieve their goals.

I have worked in big commercial gyms in the UK and also worked at one when I moved to the US.

Here is what I have noticed with the commercial gym.

You walk in to any commercial gym and you see rows and rows of various cardio machines and the weights area.

The first thing people tend to go on are these cardio machines and spend their time on it. You go back the next day and you see the same set of people on the same set of machines doing the same set of exercises. The weights area is pretty much the same.

People new to gyms see this and do the the same. Months down the line they are just like the others who were there before.

The atmosphere in commercial gyms is dead. There is no life in the gym. There is a bunch of egos running around the gym. Its all the same day in and day out. This same bunch of people doing the same bunch of stuff expecting major results.

These surroundings are not going to get you very far. This atmosphere is not going to inspire you or motivate you to keep going. The person next to you on the cardio machine is not helping you in any way.

This environment is sabotaging your results.

On the other hand I have also worked at smaller private facilities in the UK and also in the US, at BB3 Personal Training & Performance where its more community focused and everyone knows each other.

Whether its a Crossfit box,  private group training facility or one to one personal training facility, the atmosphere is totally different to a commercial gym.

They have your best interest. They want you to achieve your goals. They inspire you and motivate you. Not just in the gym but in life. They bring out the best in you.

The atmosphere is always buzzing. There is a great vibe at the gym. Everybody works hard. You feel part of something bigger. The peolple that go to these facilities are positive and share that positive attitude and encouragement with others. Its almost infectious what happens at these private facilities.

Your extended family grows and your confidence grows and your performance improves and you achieve the results you went there for and you get more than you expected.

So surround yourself with like minded people. Put yourself in an environment that is going to challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone.

You would be surprised what changing your environment and challenging yourself can do for your results.

Dont let your surroundings hold you back from achieving your fitness goals.




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