It’s Not A Race It’s A Journey

September 3, 2013 — Leave a comment
Many people think that getting fit, getting in the best shape of their life, decreasing body fat, eating clean or achieving whatever their fitness and health goal is a race.
From my point if view it is not….
For me it is a journey. A journey that takes you from one place of not being happy with your health, the way you look, not exercising, not eating clean to a place of health, joy, happiness, strength, determination, transformation and inspiration. 
Along this journey there are many up and downs. Hurdles to climb with some being higher than others. People to push out of the way and those to embrace and keep hold of. Challenges to overcome and moments to rejoice.
The transformation a person has to go through to achieve the desired outcome starts with a vision. A vision that varies for many people but one that is personal to each individual. This vision should keep you focused, keep you motivated and challenge you to come out of your comfort zone.
This journey is one of discipline, hard work, dedication, commitment, drive, action taking, growth as a person and a belief in yourself to achieve your desired outcome.
A race is short. It can be over in as quick as 9.76 seconds or take 24 hours or a few days. But when it’s over it’s over.
A journey of health and fitness is for a lifetime and not for a period of time. So adjust your way of thinking and see your training as for a lifetime.
Enjoy the transformation that you go through on your journey to a more improved YOU! Stop looking for the quick fix and look at things long term. Take steps each and every day on your journey of transformation and enjoy the process on the way.
Enjoy the journey!

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