Get Up and Go

September 2, 2013 — Leave a comment

You can sit there on your sofa and hope that you lose those unwanted pounds.

You can sit there and hope that you can pack on those muscles.

You can sit there and hope or wish you had a six pack.

You can read every magazine, article or video out there about weight loss or muscle building.

You can have the grandest of thoughts about your defined sexy looking body.

But to be honest…….

All this means nothing if you keep sitting there thinking about it or reading those magazines or looking at those videos.

It’s time to get up and go. Its time to get up and take ACTION.

Get up and go after that dream of a sexy body or six pack abs. Get up and be that person you truely want to be.

Sitting there and waiting for it to happen,  is NOT going to make it happen. You have to get up and go and make it happen. Have a plan of action and execute that plan. Stick with it and make adjustments where needed. When hurdles arrive, use your strength and determination and jump over it. Go around it. Just get to the other side of it and keep pushing till you arive at your destination. It’s the journey that makes the transformation even sweeter.

Now get up and GOOOOO!


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