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A popular magazine recently boasted the headline of “8 Lies Trainers Tell You.”

This quickly peaked my interest.

Lies! Me? No way.

I read the article and was not impressed. The “lies” were nothing but a bunch of fitness myths, nothing worth repeating and definitely nothing that I’ve told my clients.

Then I got to thinking about all the lies that fitness magazines try to get us to believe, and realized that this was the real story to tell.

So here you have it – 8 Lies Fitness Magazines Tell You:

Lie #1: You need fancy diet foods to lose weight.

Designer, brand name protein powders, bars and diet foods grace the glossy pages – looking gourmet and mouthwatering. And very expensive. The bold claims on these “foods” make them quite tempting, but keep your wallet in your pocket. Healthy weight loss is best gotten by eating a diet of wholesome, real foods.

  • Eat real food, not expensive diet foods.

Lie #2: Transformations are simple. Eat less and move more.

So many of the one-page success stories water-down the truth about what it takes to transform from ‘before’ to ‘after’. In order to showcase their reader’s successes, one hundred pound melt-downs are condensed to a few paragraphs which undoubtedly say “Suzy ate small meals and exercised 60 minutes 3 to 4 times per week.” I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but massive transformations take much more effort and laser-like focus than that.

  • Don’t believe that massive body transformations are easy, expect to put in hard work and dedication.

Lie #3: You need the latest fitness fashions in order to see results.

The latest fashions look great on those fitness models. Who knew that spandex could come in so many flashy colors and styles? And all the benefits of that hundred dollar tank top seem totally worth it, right? Actually your old t-shirt works just as well as the fancy stuff.

  • You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on fitness fashion, the pounds will melt off just as quickly in a faded t-shirt.

Lie #4: You can still eat junk food and look like a cover model.

By now I’m sure you’re seeing the trend of less-than-healthy advertisements peppered throughout your favorite fitness magazine. A common theme is to offer “healthy” versions of your favorite junk foods. While these lighter versions may very well be healthier than the originals, its still packaged junk that will slow your results.

  • “Healthy” junk food is still junk, so choose wholesome, real foods instead.

Lie #5: You can get flat abs in just a couple of weeks.

Catchy headlines sell magazines. Flat Abs in 3 Weeks! Get a Killer Core by Summer! Rock Hard Abs Fast! The truth is that real results take time. You didn’t pack on all those unwanted pounds in 3 weeks, so don’t expect to lose it in 3 weeks.

  • Don’t believe headline-hype, real results take real time.

Lie #6: Pills will get you the results you want.

Fat burning pills. Cleanse pills. Vitamin pills. Super Food pills. You name the pill and it’s probably on display in a pretty ad depicting fitness models with perfect physiques. Be wary of any bottle of pills with extraordinary claims.

  • Results do not come in pill form, but by hard workouts and solid nutrition.

Lie #7: Don’t eat carbs, unless it’s carbs from our advertisers.

On one page you’ll read about the horrors of carbohydrates and how cutting back will get you to effortlessly drop pounds. On the next you’ll see a super lean fitness model holding up a piece of whole wheat bread with a sassy smile. She eats this brand of bread, so you should too if you want to look like her. Which page do you believe?

  • Carbohydrate intake must be controlled, regardless of its brand.

Lie #8: You don’t need a trainer to achieve maximum results.

A recurring theme in fitness magazines is the idea that you can do your body transformation on your own – no personal trainer needed. It’s a great theme for the magazine since it means you’ll keep buying the latest issue for your fitness advice. The truth is that people serious about achieve amazing transformations always seek out professional coaching to ensure their success.

  • Real results are achieved with the guidance of a professional trainer.

Don’t always believe the hype your hear or read. It takes hard work, dedication, commitment and consistency to get to your goal.

Keep working towards those goals!




I often see people post things up on Facebook and various social media sites and often question some of the things that are being posted.

I also listen to what people say they are doing to achieve their desired fitness goals and also question myself if they are really doing what they say they are doing.

Maybe they are; maybe they are not.

Who knows if they are being truthful or not? Only that person knows.

I am not here to judge anybody, but being truthful to what you say and your actions to back it up makes a massive difference.

The thing is, if you say what you are saying, and doing what you say you are doing, then fair game. But if you are not, then you are only cheating yourself.

By saying you completed the workout you said you would do but not really following it totally by leaving out some sets and reps, you are only cheating yourself.

If you didn’t eat what you were supposed to eat and not drink the amount of water you were supposed to drink but say you have done it all, you are only cheating yourself.

It’s like living a false life…..a life of lies!

Not a cool thing to do.

I used to be like that a few years ago…..

Yip ME!

I soon realized I was only cheating myself. I was only doing this to look good amongst my peers on Facebook and various social media sites. I was doing it to boost my own confidence and self esteem. I was doing it because I thought it was the right thing to do.

Guess what?

I didn’t get any results from my fitness goals, I didn’t feel any better, my self esteem was lower and I felt like a fake, because deep down I knew I was living a fake life.

How did I overcome all this?

I deleted all my social media accounts for 3 months. This way I didn’t have to please anybody and post things that were not true. It gave me more time for myself to find out who I was and where I want to go in life. I was more productive with what needed to get completed. I was more focused and determined and I became a happier person as I was now not trying to please others but to please myself. I felt like a new person.

So be truthful to yourself and the things you say and do, because people can see right through you at times.

Avoid being the star of your own movie.


You always hear or read people say ‘surround yourself with like minded people.’

Recently I have had the pleasure of being around people that really inspire me and motivate me and be able to work alongside.

Just being in their presence has made my confidence grow and get up each day looking forward to helping people achieve their goals.

I have worked in big commercial gyms in the UK and also worked at one when I moved to the US.

Here is what I have noticed with the commercial gym.

You walk in to any commercial gym and you see rows and rows of various cardio machines and the weights area.

The first thing people tend to go on are these cardio machines and spend their time on it. You go back the next day and you see the same set of people on the same set of machines doing the same set of exercises. The weights area is pretty much the same.

People new to gyms see this and do the the same. Months down the line they are just like the others who were there before.

The atmosphere in commercial gyms is dead. There is no life in the gym. There is a bunch of egos running around the gym. Its all the same day in and day out. This same bunch of people doing the same bunch of stuff expecting major results.

These surroundings are not going to get you very far. This atmosphere is not going to inspire you or motivate you to keep going. The person next to you on the cardio machine is not helping you in any way.

This environment is sabotaging your results.

On the other hand I have also worked at smaller private facilities in the UK and also in the US, at BB3 Personal Training & Performance where its more community focused and everyone knows each other.

Whether its a Crossfit box,  private group training facility or one to one personal training facility, the atmosphere is totally different to a commercial gym.

They have your best interest. They want you to achieve your goals. They inspire you and motivate you. Not just in the gym but in life. They bring out the best in you.

The atmosphere is always buzzing. There is a great vibe at the gym. Everybody works hard. You feel part of something bigger. The peolple that go to these facilities are positive and share that positive attitude and encouragement with others. Its almost infectious what happens at these private facilities.

Your extended family grows and your confidence grows and your performance improves and you achieve the results you went there for and you get more than you expected.

So surround yourself with like minded people. Put yourself in an environment that is going to challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone.

You would be surprised what changing your environment and challenging yourself can do for your results.

Dont let your surroundings hold you back from achieving your fitness goals.



3 excuses To Avoid

September 9, 2013 — 1 Comment

I constantly hear excuses from people when it comes to working towards a goal. Excuses are exactly what they are….EXCUSES!

So let’s STOP making these excuses…


This is by far the excuse that is used the most. It’s quite easy to say ‘I got a full time job’ ‘The kids take up all my time’ ‘I work long hours’ BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!

If this is your excuse then hOw serious are you about achieving your goal? How serious are you about changing your lifestyle? Is your health important to you?

The thing is all it takes is 20mins 3-4 times per week. Thats 60-80 mins I’m sure you can find each week. Not much if you ask me!

So wipe that time thing out of your head.

20min workout

Push ups
Mountain climbers

30secs work followed by 30 secs rest; move on to next exercise and repeat until 4 rounds are completed. 20 mins total time. BOOM!


Here is the thing about the ‘too tired to exercise’ excuse, it just might help if you start moving around and exercising. If you are sitting around all day at work everyday, you can’t expect to be full of energy after that. The other thing about this excuse is what are you eating habits like? Are you eating loads of clean, organic food or do you grab something quickly from your local shop that consists of a sandwich, a bag of crisps and a bottle of coke. Maybe a chocolate bar of some sort later in the day to get your ‘energy ‘ levels up.

If you are not eating a clean healthy, nutritious meal then guess what, you will feel tired and drained.

Here is a meal plan for the day:

Breakfast- boiled egg with bacon and avocado

Lunch- green salad with sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and pineapple chunks with chicken breast

Dinner- roasted carrots, asparagus and broccoli with beef burgers.


You got your body. That’s the least expensive tool you need to go after your fitness goals. There are loads of parks and open space that you can use or even your living room which are all FREE. With your own body using bodyweight exercise (like in the 20min workout above) you got a moving gym to use.

Stop making these 3 excuses and transform your lifestyle to feel healthier and more energized.



Lots of people ask me how to quickly and easily get fit. While I know  they are hoping for a simple answer, the reality is that getting and  staying fit is a lifestyle, not a quick fix.

So what do fit people do in their “healthy lifestyle”? Take a peek with the following 7 Habits of Highly Fit People:

Habit #1: They Don’t Buy Junk

Fit people know that if they keep junk food in the house it will land  on their waist sooner or later. So they don’t buy any. Even buying junk  food for your kids or spouse is not advised since 1) you’ll likely eat  some of it eventually, and 2) your loved ones shouldn’t be eating that  junk either. It’s called junk for a reason.

Rid your home of  chips, cookies, candy, baked goods, pre-packaged snacks and anything  else that belongs in a vending machine. Replace the above with fresh  fruit, veggies, nuts and other healthy whole foods snacks.

Habit #2: They Have Priorities

Fit people make exercise a priority. Along with keeping a job, paying  the bills and going to the doctor, exercise is an important part of  their lives. What I’ve found is that fit people put exercise before  leisure time. Sure, fit people enjoy leisure, but it is scheduled around their workout time.

Treat exercise time with the same importance that you would a business meeting or trip to the dentist.

Habit #3: They Stop When Full

Fit people stop eating when they feel full. Sound simple? It is, but  how many times have you stuffed yourself simply to clear your plate? Or  how many times have you eaten another piece of cake despite being  stuffed?

The next time you feel full, take it as a sign to stop eating. Yes, even if your plate isn’t empty.

Habit #4: They Push Themselves

Not only do fit people make time to go to the gym, they challenge  themselves during each workout. While it is easy to simply go through  the motions while exercising, you’re cheating your body out of great  results when you don’t push yourself. Exercise should make you sweat,  make your muscles burn, and leave you with a feeling of accomplishment.

Find ways to make each workout more challenging. For competitive  people, the best way to push yourself is to exercise with a friend of  similar strength. Another great way to challenge yourself is to set  small attainable goals. These goals could be to push heavier weight, to  sprint longer, or to do cardio at a higher intensity setting.

Habit #5: They Don’t Eat and Watch

Fit people know that eating in front of the T.V. is mindless eating.  When your attention is on your entertainment and not on your food, then  you’ll be less tuned in to what and how much ends up in your mouth.  Eating in front of the T.V. is also very habit forming. Ever notice how  you crave munchies just as a reflex of sitting in front of the T.V.?

Eat before or after your entertainment and pay attention to what and how much goes into your mouth.

Habit #6:  They Drink Water

Fit people drink lots of water. And not just in addition to other  beverages, but instead of them. Water is their main drink, while other  drinks are occasional treats. Calorie-filled drinks are one of the  quickest ways to consume excess calories which quickly turn into fat.   Consider water your beverage of choice. Drink plenty of it each day and  drink other beverages only a few times each week.

Habit #7: They Are Supported

Fit people don’t leave their motivation to chance. They know that if  their personal trainer, boot camp instructor or workout partner is  waiting for them, then they are less likely to skip a workout. It is so  easy to hit snooze or to talk yourself out of the gym as soon as your  behind hits the couch after work. Fit people take the option of skipping out of the equation.

I hope that these habits have inspired you to make a change for the fitter in your own life.

If you already do some of these habits then congratulations – you are  on your way to a better body. Make an effort to incorporate the rest of  the habits to take your results to the next level.

If none, or  very few, of these habits describe your lifestyle, then I’ve got good  news – you now have 7 effective new habits to start that will get you  some awesome results. Don’t try to tackle all 7 at once – pick one or  two to add each week and gradually work up to all 7.

Now get going and start working on these habits.



Many people think that getting fit, getting in the best shape of their life, decreasing body fat, eating clean or achieving whatever their fitness and health goal is a race.
From my point if view it is not….
For me it is a journey. A journey that takes you from one place of not being happy with your health, the way you look, not exercising, not eating clean to a place of health, joy, happiness, strength, determination, transformation and inspiration. 
Along this journey there are many up and downs. Hurdles to climb with some being higher than others. People to push out of the way and those to embrace and keep hold of. Challenges to overcome and moments to rejoice.
The transformation a person has to go through to achieve the desired outcome starts with a vision. A vision that varies for many people but one that is personal to each individual. This vision should keep you focused, keep you motivated and challenge you to come out of your comfort zone.
This journey is one of discipline, hard work, dedication, commitment, drive, action taking, growth as a person and a belief in yourself to achieve your desired outcome.
A race is short. It can be over in as quick as 9.76 seconds or take 24 hours or a few days. But when it’s over it’s over.
A journey of health and fitness is for a lifetime and not for a period of time. So adjust your way of thinking and see your training as for a lifetime.
Enjoy the transformation that you go through on your journey to a more improved YOU! Stop looking for the quick fix and look at things long term. Take steps each and every day on your journey of transformation and enjoy the process on the way.
Enjoy the journey!

Get Up and Go

September 2, 2013 — Leave a comment

You can sit there on your sofa and hope that you lose those unwanted pounds.

You can sit there and hope that you can pack on those muscles.

You can sit there and hope or wish you had a six pack.

You can read every magazine, article or video out there about weight loss or muscle building.

You can have the grandest of thoughts about your defined sexy looking body.

But to be honest…….

All this means nothing if you keep sitting there thinking about it or reading those magazines or looking at those videos.

It’s time to get up and go. Its time to get up and take ACTION.

Get up and go after that dream of a sexy body or six pack abs. Get up and be that person you truely want to be.

Sitting there and waiting for it to happen,  is NOT going to make it happen. You have to get up and go and make it happen. Have a plan of action and execute that plan. Stick with it and make adjustments where needed. When hurdles arrive, use your strength and determination and jump over it. Go around it. Just get to the other side of it and keep pushing till you arive at your destination. It’s the journey that makes the transformation even sweeter.

Now get up and GOOOOO!