Have you got the heart

August 19, 2013 — Leave a comment

Never Give Up!


I witnessed something EPIC this weekend.

I saw people step out their comfort zone and in to a very uncomfortable place. It made them sweat. It made them work very hard. It made them do things that in their mind they thought they could not do. It made some feel very nauseas after each event. It made people role on to their backs in tiredness. It made people dig deep within themselves to complete each event.


During events it’s so much easier to throw in the towel sometimes and give up, but it takes true heart to complete events like these especially when you have never done something like this before.


Everyone who participated in the Superwoman/Superman challenge at BB3 Personal Training & Performance Center were WINNERS. Each and every one of them inspired me to bring out the best in them. It’s not about finishing first all the time. It’s not about competing with others. It’s about competing with your inner self. Competing with that voice in your head that says “I can’t” and pushing yourself to another level.


I saw that on the weekend. I saw people say “I CAN’T” but with some coaching and positive reinforcement they kept going. I saw people lift weight that they have never done before and do more reps than they have done before. I saw people rise up to the challenge and went above and beyond what they thought they could do.


Even with the tiredness in their eyes and drained bodies, I could see deep down that each and every one had made a breakthrough moment. They challenged themselves and with the support, they got through it all with some big smiles on their faces.


They all had the heart of a LION and were all champions in their own way.


So the next time you say you can’t, just dig a little deeper. Find that heart that will drive you to those uncomfortable places that will make you grow as a person.


Get comfortable being uncomfortable because life begins at the end of your comfort zone.



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