My change of thoughts on Crossfit

August 14, 2013 — Leave a comment

Raid Games

Raid Games

When I first heard of crossfit I did not think much about it. From what I remember

it was from a friend who was all excited about it and wanted to open his own box. I didn’t know much about crossfit or what it was, but me being me, I supported him and encouraged him to go for it.

As time went on I was hearing more and more about Crossfit through mainly social media, Facebook to be exact.

Now a few years ago I got to admit I was a Facebook ‘junky’ and just clicked like on things because in my head I thought it was the cool thing to do. I followed the bandwagon back then and sadly agreed and liked things that I probably would not now. You live and learn as they say.

Anyway, so my thoughts on Crossfit were very negative due to the negativity that was being broadcasted across Facebook by people sharing various videos and making negative comments about Crossfit. Due to the brainwash of all the negativity, I started to do the same and had negative things to say about crossfit and even sharing some of the videos that were being posted.

I made the negative comments about the poor technique and bad coaching. I made my decision based on other people’s reactions. I made my decision without even trying out crossfit. I made my decision by not even doing some research. I made my decision on other people’s reaction. My thoughts were that Crossfit is bad for you and it will get you injured. All these decisions were made without me even knowing what Crossfit really was all about.

Sad way to look at things if you ask me.

Moving forward…..

When I moved to Florida I realized there was a Crossfit box everywhere and that it was a big thing in the USA. My thought process was different as I have learnt from my past mistakes and started thinking that Crossfit is not what I thought it was. I googled crossfit boxes in the area and was surprised to see how many came up. I was missing something with crossfit and my curiosity grew with it.

I was fortunate to see some of the 2012 Crossfit Games on TV and I was like wow, I want to try that. It really appealed to me the Wods (workout of the day).

My thoughts really changed when I started working at BB3 Personal Training & Performance Center, when I saw my work colleague who is an avid Crossfitter, Paul Gram Jr. (look out for him in 2014 in the South East Region), train his client Dana Sands. Looking at them really inspired me and I finally got a taste of a WOD.

I was hooked.

So much so that I started training for the Crossfit Open in 2013. I no longer saw crossfit negatively, but saw it as a challenge to overcome each workout and the mental toughness behind each WOD. I started having an appreciation for what Crossfit athletes went through at the games. I even started to enjoy my workouts even more finding a new drive and passion to keep improving.

I am thankful for the transformation I have gone through by changing my mindset on something I thought was very negative, to one where WOD’s are part of my daily routine and look forward to doing.

Sometimes in life we follow the bandwagon like sheep. I was once a sheep following everyone and doing what everyone was doing. I have now learnt to be my own leader and surround myself with leaders of the pack, like a LION leading his pride.

Take time to make your own decisions and not follow those made by others.



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